April Owner Report

Regular maintenance constitutes a significant portion of a landlord’s responsibilities during a lease.

In general, a landlord is responsible for anticipating tenants’ needs relating to property use. This includes regular, scheduled maintenance as well as repairs when emergency situations arise.

To stay on top of regular maintenance, every six months we recommend taking the time to complete this checklist for every property or unit:

  • Replace batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.

  • Replace all air filters. Even if they don’t desperately need to be replaced, this will ensure your HVAC system functions at the highest efficiency possible.

  • Building maintenance. Once a month is best, but you may have a property that isn’t convenient to visit regularly. Make sure common areas are clean, laundry units are all in working order, security is functioning properly, the lawn and garden are taken care of, and the roof and gutters don’t have any leaks or weak spots.

  • Talk to Tenants. Check-in to see how everything is going either in person or via email. They’ll be aware of the day-to-day issues that you may not catch in a routine inspection.

  • Address seasonal needs. You’ll also want to keep on top of seasonal needs, depending on your local climate.

By making a habit of locating small problems through regular maintenance and inspection, you ensure you won’t have to fix big (aka more expensive) problems later.

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