March Owner Report

5 keys that sway tenant decisions about your rentals

1. Price of unit: One of the primary concerns for many tenants is price. As we probe deeper, we realized this is better illustrated as value. When people compare what your rental offers versus another rental, they want to have the best value possible. You want to be sure to promote the benefits and attributes that your rental will offer so people realize the value of your property.

2. Location of the unit: Convenient location is important. We know that real estate is all about location, so sell, sell, sell the location of your unit. Share good traits of your property. For example: near bus stops, near many businesses and places of work, near shopping or close to main roads and highway.

3. Crime statistics: People want to feel safe. A desirable and safe neighborhood is also something to share with tenants. It is what they want and telling them up front will keep them from having to guess or figure it out.

4. School systems: Remember that housing laws prohibit discrimination against children and “familiar status” as a protected class. We don’t discuss familial makeup, but mentioning the quality schools in the area has value.

5. Community amenities: Promote your house as a home not just a place to live. Share amenities in the community or the nearby area.

These are the things we’re thinking about when we market properties for you. Now you know.

Have a great month.

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