November Owner Report

Hello all and Happy Halloween!

As move outs and evictions have started up again, more and more vacant houses are popping up in our inventory. With this comes more applications. When doing applications there are a few things that we look at with a keen eye-one of those being paycheck stubs. We want to ensure that the tenants we are moving into your homes have a good financial foundation. Unfortunately, some cliental have discovered that there are ways to make fake pay stubs.

Many online companies offer to create fake check stubs for a small fee. Some say they do this to help freelancers or self-employed people prove their earnings for rental applications. No matter the intentions these pay stubs are still fake. The difference between a fake and a real pay stub can be challenging to spot, but a few tell-tale signs can help us identify fake stubs during the application process, such as: errors, unprofessional appearances, incorrect calculations, and/or missing information.

Here at GTR Management we reach out to every applicant’s employer. We require W-2’s, bank statements when appropriate, and run credit checks. All of these items help us solidify our confidence in the applicant’s job history and income which in turn will help us find a solid tenant for you.

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Your friends at GTR Management

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